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Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary.

No Angel (Sapphire) (English Edition)

Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges. They occur five times in this verse, and four times in each of the two following. The prophet thus labours to make it plain that what he saw was not the realities of existing things, but certain symbolic representations given for the purpose of producing their fitting impression upon the mind. Daniel ; Revelation Benson Commentary Ezekiel Above the firmament was the likeness of a throne — Namely, the throne of God.

God having given his prophet emblems of his attendants and ministers, while he was coming forth in the chariot of his power and justice, to execute judgment, and of the mysterious dispensations of his providence toward his church and the world, he now proceeds to discover to him some glimpses of his divine glory. God is described in Scripture as dwelling in light, and clothing himself with it. So the throne of God is here described as made up of light resembling the colours and brightness of a sapphire-stone.

But in this vision the form and shape of a man are directly represented to Ezekiel, as a prelude or figure of the incarnation. He had appeared to Isaiah in glory, to constitute him a prophet, and he now appears to Ezekiel for the same purpose: see note on Isaiah , and compare John He appears also as the Lawgiver and King of Israel, to vindicate his own honour, punish his rebellious subjects, and give warning by his prophet, ere he executed his just but severe indignation. And I saw as the colour of amber — See note on Ezekiel As the appearance of fire — Said to be a fire infolding itself, Ezekiel From the appearance of his loins even upward — Denoting, as some interpret it, his divine nature: and from the appearance of his loins even downward — Signifying his human nature.

I saw, as it were, the appearance of fire — The general sense seems to be, that Christ, considered in his whole person, as God and man, is full of indignation against sin, and sinners continuing in sin, and is glorious in both his natures, and in all his proceedings: see 2 Thessalonians And it had brightness round about — Majesty, justice, and unstained holiness shine round about him.

In this colour does Christ appear to the Jews; he that would have visited them, clothed with the garments of salvation, now put on the garments of vengeance, expressed by such metaphors. Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary The eternal Son, the second Person in the Trinity, who afterwards took the human nature, is here denoted.

The first thing observed was a throne. It is a throne of glory, a throne of grace, a throne of triumph, a throne of government, a throne of judgment. It is good news to men, that the throne above the firmament is filled with One who appears, even there, in the likeness of a man. The throne is surrounded with a rainbow, the well-known emblem of the covenant, representing God's mercy and covenanted love to his people.

The fire of God's wrath was breaking out against Jerusalem, but bounds should be set to it; he would look upon the bow, and remember the covenant. All the prophet saw was only to prepare him for what he was to hear. When he fell on his face, he heard the voice of One that spake. God delights to teach the humble. Sardonyx is a variety of chalcedony with red and white layers.

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Clock or watch key with bezel-set sardonyx cabochon. Image courtesy of liveauctioneers. A bracelet made from lapis lazuli beads. Jewelry and photo by Deomar Pandan, KamayoJewelry. Rock crystal is colorless quartz.

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Cabochon-cut chrysoberyl, 8. Photo courtesy of liveauctioneers.

Round brilliant emerald , 6. Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Maybe this makes it easier to understand why superstitious attachments to gems gave way to a more scientific approach. You could just appreciate gemstones for their physical and optical properties or simply their beauty.

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No Angel (Sapphire) [Marian Malone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She became close to Haruka not knowing she's a Twin Angel. Sumire Kisaragi ( 如月すみれ, Kisaragi Sumire) / Angel Sapphire (エンジェルサファイア.

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